Friday, September 4, 2009

Army Packer- Remington

This is my Following the Masters entry
it is a Frederic Remington
for copyright legalities: This is not for sale and is for my own personal use.....
calling it a "study".... One website says this was painted before 1922, approx. 1901
a bit of a closeup As you can see I changed the background and foreground.... This below is the original:
I did enjoy doing this in oils. It was a perfect size, 5.5" x 5.5". I haven't painted too many animals before. Now on to the cupcake challenge on Different Strokes from Different Folks!!!!!


AutumnLeaves said...

I was immediately drawn to your painting. I love this!

Kaye said...

Thank You so much, it was a lot of fun! I'm so glad you visited my blog, hope you come back again soon!

Chartan said...

love it, I love Remington!

Cindi said...

kaye, thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and the nice comments.. please come back again soon.. please sign in as follower so i can find you again..LOL
love your masters painting... and good luck on the cupcakes.. these challenges are fun arent they!!

DEB said...

Good job Kaye! Remington is one of my favorites too!