Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Following the Masters- challenge: complete

I have completed the "Following the Masters" Challenge!
I chose John Singer Sargent as I love his portraits and paintings. I used acrylic on a canvas panel and I really like acrylics but I found this particular landscape a bit blah. I did pick a bit of an "easy" landscape as I haven't painted a landscape like this in 10 years. I also found that I'm not such a huge fan of canvas panel. It felt almost TOO bumpy. So maybe I need to step it up a bit next time and challenge myself a bit more.
As for now I'm enjoying the prismacolor pencils and pastel pencils. I'm like a kid (artist) in a candy store (art store).... I've discovered that United Art and Education store has a lot of unique items that Michaels and Hobby Lobby does not carry. I bought some masonite so I'm very excited to try that. I love re-discovering the ar-teest in me! Can't wait to find out this next challenge from Following the Masters and DSDF.

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