Tuesday, July 7, 2009

DSDF challenge complete

I attempted the DSDF challenge this week. I tried my prismacolor on Bristol smooth.

I don't feel it came out so good. I don't think my lighting was so good either. My blender pencil got low and scratched the paper.... as you can see. Oh well, I attempted an experiment. Hmmm, yeah, let's just say that..... and my favorite part. the boat.

This one was definitely a bit of a challenge.


Cindi said...

thanks kaye for stopping by my blog... so glad you did, so i could find your blog.... i think you did a great job on the dsfdf challenge.... they are so fun.. wonder what tomorrow's challenge will bring???

Teresa Mallen said...

Hey someone who works with cps! :-) This doesn't appear to be an easy piece. I particularly like the rendering of the person in the boat! Oh and the scratches add 'texture' to the water. That's a good thing! :-)