Sunday, July 19, 2009

Neighbors, "Seriously, what is up with that girl?"

Journal golf-
My neighbors dog, Reese, was just not having it. It got a sniff, he licked my book, and that was that.

My 3yr. old son Marc attempted to humor his mom.

What is that girl doing!!!!!!??????

My friend took a picture of me taking the journal for a walk. She was very reluctant and said it was against her better judgement and that she was only going to take my picture because it was my birthday. Thank heavens it was my birthday! I got to use that one allllll day! ("you gotta, it's my birthday...")
(I got a few looks- you know the kind....wack-a-do!!!!!!)
I had fun! At first I admit, I literally turned 34, but felt 4. I do like how the page turned out!


judi said...

you WIN<< you are four again,, how exciting!!!
any other timei bet the dog woul have chewed it up!!

Happy Birthday Week

Kim said...

The photo of your pupster is so funny. He should have a bubble over his head saying "whatever." Congratulations of your 4th (!!) birthday ;)

NatashaMay said...

Loveing this wrecking! :) Nice of your boy and pooch to help you out. :)

Kavindra said...

What a way to use one of your birthday wishes, getting your friend to take the photo! That made me laugh, that and "wack-a-do!" Happy 4th birthday ... again!

Annette Q said...

Yeah... I know what you mean about the looks for sure! But that is a great page in your journal so doesnt it make it all worthwhile?! Happy belated birthdy to you:-)

Hybrid J said...

Great wreck work! When I gave the journal to my dog for wrecking, he also did the same. A bit of sniff then walked away, but as soon as I say the magic word "fetch", he went crazy and we ended up having a great time. :)

Jamie Ridler said...

Yay! What a wonderful way to celebrate. What a brilliant idea to drag it along the drag page - brilliant!

WrightStuff said...

Pets just love joining in with the wrecking!